Sunday, May 15, 2011

Upcoming Blogs

I have not really worked up the will to write-up an entire blog yet so I'm going to list some of the blogs I plan to write in the future:

  • Why Non-Nude Cam Models Are No Better Than Beggars
  • The Different Types of Beggars on MyFreeCams
  • Stupid Person Arguments
  • The Various Ways I Have Been "Cock-Blocked" by Life (Figuratively).
  • History's Unlucky Seconds
  • Recurring Dreams
  • A Series on Common Mistakes by New MyFreeCams Models.

I usually come up with ideas while in the shower or when I'm already in bed. When that happens, I never manage to go somewhere to write these ideas down. I have had long rants in my head about all of these topics and have never written them down. This is upsetting since I'm sure some mental gems have escaped into the ether, never to be retrieved. Who knows, perhaps they will return to me in time or during the writing of it's respective blog entry.

1 comment:

  1. Looking forward to your future posts! Let us know how the job search goes, best of luck!