Friday, May 20, 2011

In Defense of BB (Not Really)

So you may be asking yourself, "what the f--k is BB?". Well, "BB" is shorthand for "baby". You see it used on webcam sites, such as MyFreeCams, mostly when someone is addressing a model. What you'll then notice after someone types out "BB" in chat is the annoyance it brings out in other members and models alike. So why the near-universal disdain for two simple letters?

While I can't say for sure why others dislike it, I have a few theories.

1.) It reeks of laziness. I once saw someone defend the use of BB by saying "if you hate when people use BB then you can't use 'wtf', 'brb' and 'lol'." Well, no. You see, wtf, brb, and lol are all multiple words that people are reducing to a few letters to truly save time on typing. With BB, you are abbreviating ONE word that consists of FOUR letters. It should literally take you a millisecond to type out the absent "a" and "y" in "baby".

2.) People associate it with air-rifle ammunition. If you were born in North America, speak English and see the letters "BB", you probably think of a BB gun.

3.) People also associate it with douchebags. If you spend any quality time over at MyFreeCams, you'll notice that a certain breed of member is the one mostly likely to make wide use of BB - the beggars. Now, beggars come in a wide-variety of flavors but they are generally demanding, abrasive and want things done for them for free.

4.) Some models find it demeaning. I've only heard a few models complain about it, but some definitely do not like being referred to as BB simply because they feel it is condescending.

So there you have it. Save yourself the trouble and type out the extra two letters. Unless of course you're talking about the latest developments in air-rifle ammunition or how you really love that scene in A Christmas Carol where the protagonist thinks he shot his eye out with a BB gun. Cam models are certain to want to give you free shows on Skype if you flirt with those two irresistible topics.

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  1. I've always known it as BB, as in airsoft guns.

  2. BB is such an unnecessary short its not that hard and i agree with you on your stance on the models.

  3. BB? My first thought was Big Brother. Nice post, keep up!

  4. Incredibly unnecessary, though I do not type with much shorthand at all to begin with, so maybe I just don't understand.

  5. I really hate some internet short hand.

  6. I wouldn't call a woman 'baby' if I wanted any favors, its an annoying nickname.